Our Philosophy

Because MARRIAGE or a FAMILY is not created by any great human being. Neither it was created by a legislation or any branch of the Government. So only the sole author, the “Supreme Being”, can describe the true design of a family.”

“Advocate for Stronger Marriage Foundations and Happier Families in the Philippines since 2013”

The very FIRST SCHOOL FOR COUPLES in the Philippines is now in our midst, aiming to conquer the entire nation soon

The State of Our Nation’s Foundation


a.ka. “Papa Angelo, The Life Mentor”  God and Man’s Laws Life Counselor  Founder/Managing Director  BCIDP Exclusive School for Couples Philippines  A Member of BCIDP Law Group Philippines

The “foundation”, as Merriam & Webster defines it: 

“an underlying base or support especiallythe whole masonry substructure of a building”; 

“a body or ground upon which something is built up or overlaid” 

It is indeed, the strength of every nation without any exemption to this country Philippines, depends on how strong our FOUNDATION is, how strong our Filipino families are. 

If you ask the “human manufacturer” who is the Creator, it is the MALE MAN who serves as the foundation of the family, assisted by a “helper”, the wife”. The answer is simply found in “God’s Constitution”. Then through overtime, man changed this principle, so the effects are bouncing back to our faces in the form of social ills, and sufferings are evident in our society for decades.  

Unless this country’s leader is equipped with the RIGHT advisers, only then Filipinos will have the opportunity to enjoy the good life they all deserved, even without the need to leave their families behind to find greener pasture overseas. 

This country had been suffering for many centuries now due to a “damaged culture”, which was already seen over 30 years ago by the outside world. Now, we still “enjoy” the same impression.  

BCIDP Exclusive School for Couples is a builder of “Stronger Marriage Foundations and Happier Families in the Philippines for the Next Generation”. Its  founder and managing director, ANGELO E. BASE, started to propagate the said advocacy through an online platform in social-media and through Leader News Philippines where he branded himself as “Papa Angelo, The Life Mentor”, your “God & Man’s Laws Life Counselor” and provide the necessary GUIDANCE for our foundation: THE FAMILY.

Because if every family in the Philippines have the RIGHT GUIDE, they can make the RIGHT decisions in their daily lives, and RIGHT decisions produce the RIGHT kind of life. If this RIGHT GUIDE are transferred to the children or heirs, applied and maintained consistently and accordingly, this nation shall continue to have a STRONG FOUNDATION to stand firmly for every “pandemic” of human life. 

Every dysfunctional individual is a product of a dysfunctional family. Dysfunctional families produces a dysfunctional community. 

Dysfunctional community produces a dysfunctional society. 

Dysfunctional society produces a dysfunctional country. 

This is the kind of nation we have now for the last 33 years since after the Marcos regime, and for the last “500 years of Christianity” in this country.  

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