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Immigration Law Division

We are a duly accredited law office of the BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION & DEPORTATION (BID). We process everything required at the Bureau of Immigration.
BID CERT. noli depatillo


  1. Annual Report (AR)
  2. ACR I-CARD Issuance
  3. Voluntary Application for ACR I-Card
  4. Renewal of ACR I-Card
  5. Re-Issuance of ACR I-Card
  6. ACR I-Card Waiver
  7. Cancellation of ACR I-Card
  8. Philippine Born-Registrants


  1. Application for Retention / Re-Acquisition of Philippine Citizenship
  2. Inclusion of Dependents under R.A. 9225
  3. Recognition as Filipino Citizen
  4. Affirmation of Recognition as Filipino Citizen
  5. Cancellation of Alien Certificate of Registry (ACR)


  1. Certification for not the same person
  2. ACR I-Card Certification
  3. BI Clearance Certification
  4. Pending Visa Application Certification
  5. Certified True Copy Certification
  6. Travel Records Certification
  7. Certificate of Non-Registration / Registration

Immigrant Visas

  1. Child born abroad of immigrant mother
  2. Child born subsequent to the issuance of immigrant visa of the accompanying parent (13-C)
  3. Immigrant Visa by Marriage (13-A)
  4. Permanent Resident Visa (PRV)
  5. Returning Former Natural Born Filipino Citizen (13-G)
  6. Returning Resident (13-E)
  7. Quota Visa (13)

We also assist in the following:


  1. Waiver for Exclusion Ground
  2. Downgrading of Visa
  3. Transfer for Old / Lost / Cancelled Passport

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