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Our CIVIL or NON-SECTARIAN marriage rites means there are no religious readings to avoid conflict with the family members on both sides who have different religious issues, but more on discussion about the marriage law or the duties and rights of the couple under our existing laws from the Civil and Family Code of the Philippines. Adding the universal wedding symbols like candles, veil, cord, arrhae may also be considered and performed accordingly, with the standard scrutiny of “I do’s” by each party.
Civil Wedding 1Our CIVIL ceremony provides standard wordings in a wedding like the scrutiny, marriage vows, personal vows, wishes, and the duties, rights and obligations of spouses under the Family Code of the Philippines with some practical insights from our resident marriage counsellors leading to “living happily ever after”.

On the other hand, CHRISTIAN marriage rites obviously contain religious readings. We are very flexible in adding the rites, wordings or Christian traditions as the couple may wish to include.

Considering that Art. 6 of the Family Code says “No prescribed form or religious rite for the solemnization of the marriage is required”, CIVIL ceremonies can be performed by any licensed “minister of the gospel”1.

1 Adong vs. Cheong Seng Gee, G.R. No. L-18081, March 3, 1922
Our firm provides LEGAL solutions & BEST practices on Business, Property, Marriage, Family and Immigration complicated problems in the Philippines, and composed of practicing senior & junior lawyers, and paralegals. In our MARRIAGE LAW division, our licensed wedding ministers i.e. Priests, pastors, imams are ready 24/7 to provide marriage rites services. This group has been established primarily to provide legal marriage documentation support compliant to Philippine Family laws and rules. We exist because we do not want our own citizens and aliens being victimized by various syndicates in the Philippines producing fake private or commercial documents. To date, we hold the distinction of being the most trusted legal source of marriage licensing and documentation requirements as attested by our countless past married couples and clients worldwide.

Hence, on the issue of MARRIAGE, our firm’s goal is to ensure that you have authenticated, validated or verifiable marriage documents so you won’t get into trouble overseas or to whatever legal transaction you may enter into after your marriage. We truly understand that this has a life – long effect to your future, and the future of your family.

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