Provides you the LEGAL way, when there seems to be NO way


Builders of Stronger Marriage Foundation, Happier Families, Productive Citizens and Profitable Businesses in the Philippines for the Next Generations

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Better Country in Developing People

We stand proud of our values to both the personal and business life of our clients – Vigilant against any irregularity, increasing morale and put everything in order in accordance with the natural laws of Creator and positive laws of man.
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BCIDP Law Office & General Consultancy

Provides you the LEGAL way when there seems to be NO way.

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BCIDP Human Resources & Organization Development Consultancy

Preserving your business for your Next Generations is our Business.

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BCIDP Exclusive School for Couples Philippines

Just the RIGHT People who can give you the RIGHT Marriage Education and RIGHT Understanding to enable you both to make the RIGHT decisions towards the RIGHT kind of life you both desire.

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BCIDP Psychological Wellness Center

Healing your MIND first so your BODY follows the desire of your SOUL.

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BCIDP Marriage & Family Center Institute, Inc.

The very 1st Non-Sectarian/Non-Religious Marriage & Family Center Institute in the Philippines & Asia

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BCIDP Corporate Mediation Arbitration Center

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Angel Estrada Pop Music School International

Content to follow.

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Angel Estrada Events Management International

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aba property mgnt

ABA Property Management Services

Content to follow.

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BCIDP Palad ng Diyos Foundation

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How can we help you

In Pursuit of Excellence

Our team includes senior practicing lawyers, paralegals, certified public accountants, property managers, corporate trainers, psychologists, human resource specialists, and marriage and family therapists who work in-house.

We offer comprehensive legal help and professional direction about disputes on their properties, businesses, marriages, and families.


Team Members





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Our Philosophy and Partnership


Keen perception for early detection and quick resolutions.


Continuous learning for sustaining a sharp, competitive edge.


To do what is right despite challenges and difficulties and coming out strong.


Maintain composure in critical situations to resolve properly.


What our clients say

We are your friendly business partners, ready to assist you all throughout your endeavours in pursuit of excellence, maintaining your integrity and financial stability in the process, allowing you to provide exemplary products and services as well to your clientele.
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With confidence, I say, it is not just about efficiency but about love and care.

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We never got the chance to meet the owners but they were very accommodating despite some miscommunications and misunderstandings that happened between us. They will help you with everything you need.
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Tamang Guide sa Pakikipag-Hiwalay o Pag-Preserve ng Marriage

Your LEGAL and NOT-SO-ILLEGAL Right Guide for a STRESS-FREE Separation and Delightful Moving On